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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
Solar Architecture: Micro vs String
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2024-05-05 Solar 1403-02-16
What are the two types of solar architectures?
There are two types of solar architectures widely in use and their divisive factor is the type of inverter that has been employed.
String Architecture
Traditionally, multiple solar panels would be connected together in series or parallel configuration to a single string inverter. Issues due to shading or even partial shading of one or two panels would reduce the power output of all the other panels. To avoid this problem, modern string architecture inverters use power optimizer that are connected to each panel to alleviate this issue.
Micro Architecture
In the newer micro architecture, one or more solar panels are directly connected to a micro inverter that form a set. Multiple sets of these panels and mirco-inverters are then connected together in a combiner box to give a single load as output.
How to choose a solar architecture?
If you have a clear unobstructed view of the sun, then use the string inverter architecture without power optimizer.
If you have partial shading, you can use either micro inverters or a string inverter with a power optimizer.
If the partial shading is more severe, it is better to go with micro inverter as it can provide increased power output around 3-4%.

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