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About us
Liwal DMCC is a software development company specializing in development of multi-lingual enterprise management, content management and e-commerce solutions for desktop and mobile users. Our solutions are available for use in cloud and on-premises as SAAS or PAAS serving retail, health, aviation, merchant, education, manufacturing, distribution, transport and logistics industries. Liwal DMCC software solutions are backed by decades of experience in ICT of Liwal brand computing and accessories. We are at the forefront in adopting leading-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI & Machine learning and offer innovative software system design that can scale to support any high intensity deployment in public and private sectors.

Our ERP is marketed as Liwal® Mahasib™ which is a modern cloud based SAAS. The design mimics business books in a unique entire tree based system and makes accounting, administration, content management and customer management as simple as using paper books.
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