ERP Software Development
Liwal® Mahasib™, Beta II Release.
Build & maintain your stunning dynamic, responsive e-commerce website yourself and manage your online presence, admin/finance & management from your smartphone, via Mahasib a cloud, mobile & blockchain enabled ERP, CMS & CRM platform. The platform is under development, please click here to go to project site.

Hosting & Web-design
Hosting & Web-design
Our Web-Design Services utilize our in-house developed Mahasib system capable of building and designing websites within the matter of a few clicks with unlimited customization on top of a thoroughly tested and state of the art framework.
Educational System & Content Provider
Education platform & Content Developer
With the help of technology, schooling without school and teachers at any age, anytime, anywhere.
Internet Consultancy
Internet Consultancy
Take advantage of our experience in e-commerce, specialized sales tools, digital marketing, UI/UX, web auditing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize your online presence & reach.
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